The Unfinished Corner

Twelve-year-old Miriam is full of questions, but the whole universe is counting on her for answers. “It’s exciting, heartfelt, and so, so, new! A proper fun adventure for children in the amazing worlds of Jewish lore.” – Paul Cornell (Doctor Who, Elementary)

Twelve-year-old Miriam doesn’t know much about Jewish mythology. She’s not even sure she wants to be Jewish. So, imagine her confusion when a peculiar angel whisks her off to finish the mythological Unfinished Corner, a place full of monsters and mystery.

Jewish mythology has it that when God created the universe, one corner of it was left unfinished. Opinion is divided on why, but everyone agrees that the Unfinished Corner is a dangerous place full of monsters. Twelve-year-old Miriam neither knows nor cares about the Unfinished Corner. She’s too busy preparing for her Bat Mitzvah, wrestling with whether she even wants to be Jewish–until a peculiar angel appears, whisking her, her two best friends, and her worst frenemy off to this monstrous land with one mission: finish the Unfinished Corner.

An original graphic novel.

National Jewish Book Awards 2021 Finalist!

2021 VLA Graphic Novel Diversity Award Winner, Youth Category

“HUGELY impactful for diverse readers.” – VLA (Virginia Library Association)

“Individual characters and the depth of their bonds carry the story forward, the historical content punctuated by moments of sincere hilarity.”  – Publishers Weekly

“A charming adventure filled with memorable characters and a fresh point of view.” – Hope Larson (Award-winning and New York Times bestselling adapter/artist of Madeleine L’Engle’s A Wrinkle In Time: The Graphic Novel)

“It’s exciting, heartfelt, and so, so, new!  A proper fun adventure for children in the amazing worlds of Jewish lore.”    – Paul Cornell (Doctor Who, Elementary)

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