Tunes for the End Times: Ram V, Anand RK talk ‘Radio Apocalypse’ series

November 16, 2021 

Sometimes magic happens when creators invest long-term in their partnership. That’s certainly the case for writer Ram V and Anand RK, who achieved notable success with books like Grafity’s Wall and Blue in Green. Now, the pair are hoping to strike comics gold once more with their latest collabo, Radio Apocalypse.

After a crashing meteor has all but ended the world, we focus in on the little ‘burg of Bakerstown, home of the very last radio station on Mother Earth. The station has been a kind of beacon for folks, including a youngster named Rion, who is “caught in an indiscretion” that will somehow “twine his fate with the radio station.” This book truly is a “mixtape of love and heartbreak and interminable hope,” and a compelling study in the power of music and our endless need for connection even in the worst of times.

Before the book hits shelves tomorrow (November 17) via Vault Comics, we caught up with both creators via email. There, we discussed their creative partnership, how music inspired this book, their interest in the apocalypse, and much, much more.

AIPT: What’s the elevator pitch for Radio Apocalypse?


Ram V: Radio Apocalypse is the story of the last functioning radio station on the planet and the lives of the people that revolve around it in the settlement of Bakerstown. It’s a mix-tape for the end of the world, one that reminds us of the need for music, art and hope even at the bleakest of times.

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