Unearthing The Horrors Of The Autumnal

November 2, 2021

Angel Young writes about her love for one of Vault’s finest comic book offerings of horror!

I am a lifelong horror fanatic. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always consumed copious amounts of horror content – from Universal Monsters and Edgar Allan Poe as a child, to slasher movies and Stephen King in my early teens. Now, it’s everything: movies, books, haunts, and yes – comics. Rarely does anything get under my skin anymore. I can watch horror movies alone, in the dark, in my log home in the middle of the woods – a horror movie scenario just waiting to happen – and still sleep soundly at night.

So, what is it, exactly, that makes The Autumnal from Vault Comics one of the few comics to really unnerve me? How can a comic bring a desensitized horror fan to a cold sweat in the fall at the sight of a stray leaf in her home?

There are several elements within The Autumnal itself that are just the sort of horror themes that whet my appetite when done correctly. One of those themes involve dark secrets within small towns (as a girl that comes from a small town herself), as well as dark secrets within families. Aspects involving murderous cults in anything always make me happy and tying that into the secrets within the story is perfect.

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A message from author Daniel Kraus

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