Vault Comics Reverses Diamond’s Variant Cover/Returnable Policy

September 27, 2021

Back in February, Bleeding Cool reported on Diamond Comic Distributors’ new policy that was reducing publishers’ abilities to make variant covers returnable. Since the pandemic, lockdown, and shutdowns that affected the comic book industry, a number of comic book publishers had increased the amount of comic books that they made returnable to comic book stores. The idea was to protect retailers from sudden changes of demand due to stores having to close, customers not able to shop and economic strictures being imposed. Some publishers have reduced that returnability but it still remains at a greater level than it once was. But one result was that it has been easier for retailers to order tiered variant covers at 1:50, 1:100, even 1:1000 if they were free to return the overordered amounts. But with more and more variant covers, the process of returning comics had become harder, and more expensive

So Diamond’s Purchasing Department made changes to programmes that feature both returnable and variant cover incentives. Publishers would still be able to offer returnability on products offering two or fewer covers, but not for products with a greater number of covers. Diamond stated that administration and maintenance costs for both Diamond and retailers will be better managed in this scenario. “We spent a great deal of time over the past several months analyzing the data we’ve collected on returns,” said Geppi Family Entertainment Chief Purchasing Officer Tim Lenaghan at the time, “The overwhelming conclusion was that books with more than two covers had return percentages four to five times greater than those with two or fewer covers. Return percentages increased even more when incentive variants were introduced into the equation.”

View original: https://bleedingcool.com/comics/aftershock-comics-reverses-diamond-variant-cover-returnable-policy/

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