Vault Comics to Launch Horror Series ‘I Walk With Monsters’

August 24. 2020

The ability for horror to explore emotional trauma and recovery through metaphor will once again be revealed in Vault Comics latest title, I Walk With Monsters — a series which marks the return of Doctor Who screenwriter and novelist Paul Cornell to comics.

A horror story about cycles of abuse and anger, I Walk With Monsters focuses on Jacey, a woman haunted by the tragic loss of her brother years earlier at the hand of the Important Man. After rebuilding her life with the help of David — a man who occasionally becomes a terrifying monster — the Important Man returns, threatening to destroy everything Jacey believes in for a second time.

The series is co-created by Cornell (Doctor Who, Marvel’s Wolverine) and artist Sally Cantirino (We Have To Go Back), and is described by the publisher as an intensely personal project for both. It’s Cornell’s first full comic book series since 2017’s Saucer State from IDW Publishing, although he’s contributed shorts to anthologies from AHOY Comics during that downtime.

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