Vault welcomes Caroline Leigh Layne as the new artist on MONEY SHOT


March 2, 2021

With Money Shot on the cusp of a new story arc, Vault Comics has announced that a new artist will take over interiors from Rebekah Isaacs. Caroline Leigh Layne will be the new regular artist beginning with issue #11, which is also the sexy sci-fi series’ third and most thrilling arc to date.

Read what the publisher is teasing:

NEW ARC! NEW THRILLS! With a founding member on the outs, Chris seeks a replacement and finds it in Dr. Yazaman Blanco, whose research might literally save the Earth, and whose hotness might melt the ice caps. But, when a mission to a ruined planet goes south, does she have what it takes to get the money shot?

“I came across Vault Comics on Twitter and instantly fell in love with Money Shot,” said Layne. “It’s a dream come true to work on this comic with such incredible creators.”

“Caroline is a bad-ass artist with a sexy unique style, and I love her take on the comic,” said co-writer Sarah Beattie. “Super stoked for her to join our nerdy club of nerdy sex.”

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