Vault’s We Ride Titans #1 Is a Ride Worth Taking


January 12, 2022

Trying to keep your family from imploding is a tall order. Kit Hobbs is about to find out it’s an even taller order when that family has been piloting the Titan that protects New Hyperion from kaiju for generations. Between a spiraling brother, a powder keg of a father and a whole bunch of 20-story monsters, she’s got her work cut out for her in We Ride Titans #1, written by Tres Dean, drawn by Sebastian Piriz, colored by Dee Cunniffe and lettered by Jim Campbell for Vault Comics.

We Ride Titans is big. The opening battle between a titan and a kaiju is too massive to fit on the page. Sebastián Píriz pulls us tight on the action, gargantuan figures clashing, yes, but too large for us to see everything. We see a punch, but can’t track who threw it. A mandibled maw screams wide, but it’s hard to conceive what we are looking at. This is not carelessness, this isn’t a lack of structure. We Ride Titans achieves scale by the reader’s creeping realization that they truly have no frame of reference for the size and scope of these battles.

We Ride Titans is big. Tres Dean writes characters bursting with emotions, like a pot of water roiling as it creeps to the brim and over, just slightly, but not yet spilling. In a few short pages, we are invested in Kit and her tumultuous, distant family. The pressures of being the wall against all evil weighs heavy on them. Questions of history are raised, heavy questions of intergenerational trauma and the vices we keep hidden. Dean’s scripting and Píriz’s subtly expressive character acting pull readers in, engaging them for more.

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