‘We Ride Titans’ #1 is a clean intro to a sci-fi kaiju extravaganza


January 11, 2022

We Ride Titans is a new kaiju series from Vault Comics that fans of slick sci-fi won’t want to miss. Out this week, it’s like Pacific Rim and the rough-and-tumble attitude of Lethal Weaponhad a baby. It’s a story about family, the falling out of that family, and the main character who really doesn’t want to be part of the family business.

Written by Tres Dean, this is a character-driven story focusing on Kit Hobbs. She lives with her girlfriend and seems to have ties to a guy driving a giant robot that’s saving a city from annihilation from a giant monster. The breadth of that statement isn’t as jarring as you might think, since Dean writes a very strong character here who is relatable.

Taking a step back, the sci-fi world is unveiled slowly but with a sure hand. Sebastián Piriz draws with a very clean style that suits the architecture and emptiness of the city at the start of the issue. It’s the future with all its clean lines and high-tech certainty. Cut to the giant mecha that Hobbs’s brother is controlling outfitted with tons of details. The clean style suits the design as it looks like something humans could believably craft.

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