Witchblood #1 is a fun, splashy start to a stylish series

April 21, 2021

There are westerns where the protagonist never breaks a sweat, has to make a bad choice, or fails to save the day. Then, there are westerns where the protagonist is just as down on their luck as anyone else in the world. Witchblood is the second kind, albeit with a supernatural bent: The first issue follows the story of Yonna, a down-on-her-luck immortal witch. She’s quirky and weird, rides a motorcycle named Ramblin’ Rose, and has seemingly one-way conversations with a crow named Bhu. Yonna bounds through life with plenty of confidence and style, but underneath, she bears the kind of old wound that often haunts protagonists in revisionist westerns. Due to events in her past, Yonna makes a point of standing on the sidelines when it comes to humanity. In her own words, “I ain’t like the other witches… I don’t… interfere anymore.” Wisely, the issue does touch briefly on the consequences that accompany a witch’s refusal to intervene in the human world.

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