Witchblood drips in “fashion and hotties” according to creators Sterle & Erman

March 16, 2021

Vampire bikers, a road trip, and a coven are at the center of Vault Comics’ new series Witchblood.

The new series by comics power couple Lisa Sterle and Matthew Erman follows a  1000-year-old witch named Yonna who, during a roundtrip across the American Southwest, catches the eye of a group of biker vampires with a taste for her blood.

In the world of Witchblood, the blood of witches has a special potency – something which transmits the witch’s powers to any vampire that drinks it. Sounds appealing if you were a vampire with little to no morals, right?

Sterle and Erman spoke with Newsarama about this rollicking horror roadshow, and we get into the feel, the fashion, and yes, the fangs of Witchblood ahead of its March 31 debut.

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