Working to Be Better Every Single Day – An Interview with Adrian F. Wassel, EIC of Vault Comics

November 3, 2021

Papa Yeti himself, Matt Ligeti, hired a few contractors to turn the Yeti Cave into the Yeti Vault to chat with Editor-in-Chief of Vault Comics, Adrian F. Wassel, about the state of Vault Comics, navigating the pandemic, and all the wonderful comics to come.

COMIC BOOK YETI: Adrian! So good to see you, man. After years of chatting on Twitter, it’s great to finally be able to talk one-on-one like this


CBY: Is the ankle all healed up? AW: More or less. I’m missing a ligament forever, but I’ve got some healthy scar tissue in there now thanks largely to the healing powers of DB Andry!

CBY: OK, I wanna be respectful of your time, so let’s dive into the questions! As a refresher for what this interview involves, we’re talking with representatives of indie publishers who are still fairly new to the scene about talent, the market, and what makes them tick.

The last interview we had with Vault was over two years ago, and the whole team weighed in on the answers. Since then, we’ve seen the rise of the Nightfall and Wonderbound imprints, the retirement of Vault’s Book-it program, a global distribution deal with Simon & Schuster, and, so, so many great new comics (that you somehow have the time to edit!). Also, a pandemic which changed the world as we know it. How has the way Vault does business had to shift in response to the constantly changing market, or in preparation of expected changes in the future?

AW: We’ve expanded our distribution channels so that all our eggs aren’t in one basket. A more broadly accessible catalogue is a healthier catalogue. We’re distributed through Diamond, Simon & Schuster, numerous web platforms, and are continuing to grow our DTC channels. At the same time, we’ve hyper-focused our core Vault line to help support the launch of some new and exciting imprints like Wonderbound. Debuting one new series per month, combined with a big and successful fight to keep returnability at the forefront of comics, has meant that our retail partners are able to stock and grow our base with confidence.

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