Writer/Designer Tim Daniel talks THE PLOT – A Creator Interview

November 4, 2020

I’ve already written quite a lot about exactly how much I love The Plot, as have my colleagues here at Comics Bookcase – Gabe Gonzalez, d. emerson eddy, and Zack Quaintance. If you haven’t been reading, this is a horror comic structured around family secrets, a creepy manor, and a haunted bog. Every frame immerses the senses, through clever use of sound effects, rhyming imagery, and echoing dialogue.

The penultimate issue, The Plot #7, is out tomorrow, and I reached out to Tim Daniel, co-creator and co-writer of this fantastically dark series. Since every issue subverts readers’ expectations, I wasn’t quite sure what would happen in the course of this interview, but happily I can report my house is still 100% bog-monster-free.

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